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POS Mounting Systems

Apollo specializes in designing and manufacturing various types of mounting system that pivots and holds various types of Point Of Sale (POS) Equipment including EFT / Pin Pad / Payment Terminal Devices, Monitors, and Keyboards. Servicing the needs of retailers, banks, rental agencies, and others with payment terminal, point of sale and kiosk equipment. Whatever your need, Apollo has a solution that’s right for your business.

Apollo''s mounting stands hide cleanly under the payment device while working hard to securely anchor your investment to the counter. Most of our mounting stands can pivot 180 to 360 degrees to give the associates quick access to the device as needed, so that the lane traffic keeps flowing. We also offer a quick-release mechanism type mounting stands. They are customized and can meet ADA requirements.

Integrated cable management is standard in each one of our mount. It is simple for you to neatly route all the cables through the mount hole or pole. Apollo''s swivel mount features our patented click-n-lock mechanism. It allows you to move the POS terminal at any angle and will lock it in place automatically. This allows you to sign your transaction without dealing with wobbly terminals.

Apollo has made hundred types of custom mounting stands to be used for payment terminals and touch-screen systems worldwide. Please send us your original design, or we can customize a new mount just for you.

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