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Contract Manufacturing

Apollo’s contract manufacturing services are specially designed for high-mix products with variable volumes. The company’s state-of-the-art equipment and processes allow for efficient production of top-quality goods but competitive rates.  With the help of its expert production planning team, Apollo is able to achieve quick set-ups for high-volume runs as well as optimized utilization for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing, which translates to favorable lead times for its customers.

Apollo provides a full spectrum of high value-added, integrated manufacturing services including:

● Complex printed circuit board ( PCBA ) / flexible printed circuit
   ( FPCA ) assemblies

● Full product assemblies ( box-build ) across various product

● Complex test development services

Apollo Manufacturing Capabilities

● Plastic Tooling & Injection

● Metal Tooling & Stamping

● Metal Die Casting / Injection

● Metal / Plastic Machining

● PCBA / FPCA SMT Services

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