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Read & R/W Magnetic Heads

Apollo specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality magnetic heads. At the moment, Apollo is the largest magnetic head manufacturer in the world. Apollo has been manufacturing magnetic heads for over 50 years. During this period, we have upgraded our magnetic head products continuously to fulfill the ever changing demand for the magnetic head market.

Our products are being used in credit card terminals, POS systems, ATMs, transit systems, data capturing devices, airport ticketing systems, hotel door locks, time & attendance machines, check readers, currency validators, medical systems, transit ticketing systems, kiosks, parking and ticketing machines, gaming machines and much more.

Due to our high quality products and sincere customer service, we are proud to say that today, we own a large part of the magnetic head market worldwide.

Because we manufacturer over hundred types of magnetic heads, we are confident that we have the exact product you are looking for. If not, our expert magnetic head engineers will be glad to offer any customization or even design a brand new magnetic head for you. Just let us know!

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